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Hey, .

We are right at a month away from the beginning of our Program Training where we train all leadership and specialty positions! Camp is coming quickly, and we are very excited!

This will be the last monthly update from the FUGE Camps team until after the summer. Group leaders, you will receive three emails from our administrative directors: one that will come two weeks before you arrive to camp, one mid-session of camp and one after you leave to go home.

Included in this email are important reminders and updates. Please let us know if you have questions.

The FUGE Camps Team

Night Lifes
This summer, our 5-day locations will have one Night Life and Mega Relay while the 6-day locations will have two Night Lifes and Mega Relay.

Silent disco (All Camp)
We are bringing back the Silent Disco Night Life at all locations! Your students will enjoy a fun time of listening to music using headphones and having a big dance party!

Variety Show (6-Day only)
If you are attending a 6-Day location, you will also have a Variety Show. Students will audition earlier in the week. Be sure your students know so they can come prepared if they want to participate.

Mega relay
This summer’s Mega Relay theme is neon. Encourage students to bring neon colored attire to wear during Mega Relay.

Final Details
Be sure to share the packing list and camp rules below with your students and adults going to camp and with parents. Check out other info on the Final Details tab of Group Leader Information.

Packing List
Click Packing List for a list of items to pack for camp.

Camp Rules
Click Camp Rules for a list of camp rules.

Registration Numbers
Click the box below and complete this short survey if you need to increase or decrease your registration numbers.If you need to decrease your registration numbers, you must complete the survey before or on MAY 1.  

An additional $75 late cancellation fee will be incurred for each decreased person AFTER May 1. When you decrease your registration, previous deposit payments made cannot be applied or transferred toward final balance due.

Additional Forms for Camp at Liberty University
If you and your group will be attending camp at Liberty University, you may need these additional three forms that the school just made us aware of. Check out the descriptions below and who will need them. You can access the actual forms on our website in the Group Leader Prep Center in the Forms + Checklists tab.

The LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center Assumption of Risk form is for ALL participants that wish to take part in any activities during Track Times or Hang Time in the recreation center. While not everyone will use LaHaye, it's wise to have everyone complete one of these forms.

The LaHaye Rock Wall Assumption of Risk form is a form only for those who want to use the LaHaye Rock Wall during Hang Time. The Rock Wall is first come, first served and is included in the price of camp but is only available during Hang Time, and not during Track Times.

The LaHaye Rec & Fit Equipment Rental Agreement is only for the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, if any churches are planning to use that facility throughout the week. They must book that time themselves directly with Snowflex, and they will be responsible for any additional fees. This is not included in the cost of camp.
Have Questions? Ask us!
We are preparing for camp, and we know you are, too. We are here to support you with any questions you have along the way!
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