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Happy March! The first session of camp is less than 90 days away!  Are you excited yet? Below are some important updates.

Forms are now ready and on our website in Group Leader Prep Center in the Forms & Checklists tab. You can access it by clicking the button below.

Electronic Forms
We have three electronic forms:

Camp Waiver & Release-This form must be completed by a parent of each minor student participant and by each adult sponsor attending camp. Parents can access the Camp Waiver on the Parents tab of our website. Your group’s registration ID # is required to complete this form. All forms must be completed TWO WEEKS before you arrive to camp.

Church Agreement Form-This form must be completed for each church group attending and certifies that all adults have passed a background check and have completed Lifeway’s Child Protection Training course. This form will be available to you once you have submitted your completed Participant List. NOTE: You no longer have to email a copy of your church certificate of insurance to Lifeway.

Participant List-This form lists all attendees coming to camp with your group and historically was sent as a google sheet. It will be accessed as noted below.

We are so excited to present a new management platform for the Camp Waiver & Release, Church Agreement Form, and Participant List. Instead of these all being separate files and documents for you to track, we are now housing them in one web-based software that simply only requires the group leader's email address and registration ID number to login!

Once a Camp Waiver & Release is signed and submitted by parents/legal guardians of participants attending camp with your group, you now have visibility to that via the new Participant List Management Platform.

For more information and instructions on the new Participant List Management Platform, visit Participant List Instructions located in the Forms & Checklists tab of the Group Leader Prep Center!

Email Forms
You will email the following forms to your camp location email address:

MFuge Transportation Policy (MFuge only)-This is a form acknowledging that group leaders will provide transportation to ministry sites.

Sponsor’s Children at Camp Agreement-This form is to be completed by an adult from your group who is bringing a child to camp.

A list of camp location emails is found in the details of the Forms & Checklists tab.

NOTE: You will NOT have forms to bring to camp.

Location Specific Forms
If you are attending James Madison University, Ridgecrest, or Jenness Park, you have additional form(s) to complete. These are accessible in the Forms & Checklists tab.

Child Protection Training & Background Checks
Every adult coming to camp must complete Lifeway Camps Child Protection Training. This consists of 5 videos to watch and a test to take at the end. We no longer require you to provide copies of the Child Protection Training Certificates. The link and information for this training are accessible in the Forms & Checklists tab.

In addition to Child Protection Training, every adult coming to camp must have had a clear criminal national background check before coming to camp. We do not need copies of the actual background check. You are also required to cross check every adult sponsor with the National Sex Offender Website.

Dates to Remember

May 1 - Cancellation Deadline: An additional $75 late cancellation fee will be incurred for each decreased person after May 1. When you decrease your registration, previous deposit payments made cannot be applied or transferred toward final balance due.

Two Weeks Before You Arrive at Camp
-Pay your final balance due
-Finalize your Participant List
-Make sure all participants have completed a Camp Waiver & Release and that you have completed a Church Agreement.
-Be sure all of the adult sponsors with your group have had a background check and have done child protection training.

This summer, FUGE Camps will once again offer The FUGE Pack, fully equipped with all your favorite FUGE Camps merchandise - a t-shirt, sunglasses, fabric bracelet, playing cards, and sticker. The cost is $35.

In addition to the FUGE Pack, you can also preorder a camp store card. These can be ordered in increments of $10, $25, or $50 for students to spend in the FUGE Store. You will pay for camp store cards and FUGE Packs during at-camp registration using cash, check, or credit cards.

Have Questions? Ask us!
We are here to support you with any questions you have along the way! Email us your questions at the email address below.
FUGE Camps
200 Powell Place, Suite 100
Brentwood, TN 37027-7707
United States

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